Visit Sweden, The 72-Hour Cabin

Tourism and travel company Visit Sweden asked us to promote Sweden as a destination for sustainable outdoor tourism and eco-tourism in the countryside. Competition is tough; a study revealed that the country was struggling to compete with Austria, Canada and Norway on scenery. We had to redefine Swedish nature and approach the sustainability question from a completely different angle.

Results from focus groups in three other European countries inspired us to develop a new strategic position: Human Nature, a lifestyle that is both inviting and accessible. We then invited five people with some of the world´s most stressful jobs to participate in a case study; spending 72 hours in beautifully designed cabins to see if time immersed in nature could reduce blood pleasure and stress levels.

The results were astonishing: stress decreased by 70%, and systolic blood pressure went down significantly, too. Plus there was a slowing of pulse and an increase in creativity and wellbeing. The case study generated more than 220 articles, a media reach of almost 500 million, spanning 34 countries, and social media reach of over 100 million.