Vauxhall, #ParallelBarking

Vauxhall asked us to create a social media campaign to showcase the features of the new Corsa and engage young drivers. Social listening told us new drivers were worried about parallel parking, so we put Gerty the boxer dog in the driving seat and showed that the Park Assist feature made the Corsa so easy to park, even a dog could do it.

Using hidden cameras, we filmed Gerty parallel parking the car (or rather, the car parking itself) and onlookers’ amazed reactions. We launched the 58-second film, #ParallelBarking, across social channels, supported with paid. The entire campaign was created and produced by Weber Shandwick. The video smashed KPIs, with reach of more than 3 million people via social alone with an engagement rate of 5.3% (target 2.7%); 1.5m views of the video (over 100,000 organic views within one hour); and media pickup including the Daily Mail, Mirror, Express and Top Gear magazine. It was Vauxhall’s most successful social campaign ever.