Trygg-Hansa, Don’t Drink and Dive

In 2014, more people drowned in Sweden than in any other year in the past decade. Most were men and the majority had consumed alcohol. Insurance company Trygg-Hansa has made water safety its trademark. Prime showed how alcohol can affect safety in the water by filming synchronised swimming world champions Stockholm Konstsim Herr – all men over 40 – performing their routine while under the influence of alcohol.

We launched the film, “Don’t Drink and Dive,” just before the traditional midsummer celebrations, which often involve drinking and swimming. Beer and wine producers put the Don’t Drink and Dive logo on their bottles, and media in 25 countries covered the campaign. During midsummer week, the video was one of the most-viewed in Sweden (over 1.1 million views).

One in five Swedes saw or heard about Don’t Drink and Dive and during the campaign period the number of drowned men decreased by 39%.