Sonos, Music Makes it Home

As Sonos prepared to launch Apple Music on its home sound system, it asked us to help provide consumers with a reason to listen to music out loud, rather than on headphones. The Music Makes It Home study combined quantitative data, tech and custom-made tools to prove that music played aloud changes relationships for the better. We went into homes in eight countries and tracked biometrics though Apple Watches, measured proximity with iBeacons, witnessed interactions through motion-sensing cameras and built a customised app to collect and transmit data in real time.

The results showed that listening to music out loud together makes people feel more loved and happier. The team transformed 11,000+ hours of video and 151 million data points into GIFs, social posts, sales materials and even playlists for journalists. The campaign had 2.2 billion impressions, with 515 global media placements including Fast Company, Mashable and Forbes.