Red Cross (IFRC) – #emptyshelves

The coronavirus lockdown brought chronic global shortages of blood and we needed an idea for the Red Cross (IFRC) that would resonate across continents, something everyone could relate to.

Donors were not leaving their home due to the imposed restrictions and fears relating to doing anything deemed ‘non-essential’. But blood supplies are essential for many; the platelets cancer patients require for life-saving treatment, for example, have a shelf life of a mere five days.

Toilet roll, pasta, hand sanitiser; during the pandemic almost every country has experienced shortages on the shelves, a situation that now applied to blood supplies. So we turned the image of empty shelves into an urgent global appeal to the world’s public to help us re-stock.

The cross-media campaign includes assets for outdoor, press, social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – and TV, combined with in-store point of sale activity and news releases highlighting specific local shortages in each market. Red Cross branches in over 10 markets, including Argentina, Croatia, Ecuador, Germany, India, Myanmar and Thailand, launched the campaign on World Blood Donor Day (14th June), with more activity planned for additional countries in the coming months.