Lifebuoy – Touch Tally

Lifebuoy, the world’s #1 hygiene soap brand, has a 10-year track record in public education on handwashing and wanted to bring one of its traditional campaign milestones to the UK.

In 2020, the brand wanted to introduce Global Handwashing Day, (October 15) to the British public to reinforce vital public-health messaging and help save lives. As part of a wider education- and schools-focused initiative, national media were targeted with our ‘Touch Tally’ flat lay, illustrating all the things a child touches during an average day, reminding us of the key moments when it’s important to wash hands. Assembly of the items was drawn from diary reports from three children and complementary video visuals captured via a specially constructed camera rig as they played at home and in the park.

The Touch Tally was supported with a series of social assets, including a ‘Day in the Life’ video – featuring the children touching items during an average day – and a short stop-motion film of the flat lay’s construction, all released on Lifebuoy’s platforms.

This quick and simple idea that helped to present a relatively dry topic in an engaging and thoughtful way. The flat lay gained coverage in national newspapers (Daily Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail), as a full-colour feature or double-page spread, as well as two major online news sites (MailOnline, Newsworks). Total reach exceeded 93mn and the brand was name-checked in each article.