FEVE, Endless Lives of Glass

FEVE, the official voice of the European glass packaging industry, wants to encourage more people to choose glass packaging when they shop for groceries. To get the attention of busy shoppers, we found a compelling insight: unlike any other packaging material, glass is endlessly recyclable. If only glass bottles could talk, what interesting stories they might tell…

Our social-first campaign gave glass a voice. In supermarkets across Europe, glass bottles surprised shoppers by “coming to life” and talking about their past lives, thanks to a fusion of custom-built bottles, innovative sound technology, hidden cameras and the voices of well-known comedians.

Over 19.5 million people have viewed our videos; 14,000 have shared them. FEVE’s online community has grown to 114,600+ (40% up on 2015) and we’ve had 230 media hits in seven markets.