Felix – The Climate Store

Swedish food brand Felix wanted to communicate its sustainability credentials by demonstrating how easy it is to make climate-friendly choices when products are clearly labelled with their respective carbon footprints.

In the middle of Stockholm’s retail district, we built a pop-up Felix supermarket – The Climate Store (Klimatbutiken) – the world’s first grocery shop where the listed ‘price’ of every item was its carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Customers could only pay with a CO2e currency we printed for the occasion, with every shopper given a ‘budget’ of 18.9 kg CO2e to spend – the maximum personal weekly consumption outlined in the 2030 Paris Agreement.

Customers loved the clear and practical messaging and a final stock count saw items like Felix’s traditional meatballs left on the shelves whilst the new plant-based alternatives had sold out.

The concept ignited a conversation on social extending the chatter well beyond Sweden. Coverage was picked up in international, national and environmental titles in 30+ countries, among them CNN and German news show, Tagesschau.

In December 2020, leading consumer trends firm Trendwatching named Climate Store to its ‘21 for ‘21’ listing.