Navigating COVID-19 – How We Can Support You

As organisations across sectors continue to navigate the unprecedented business and communications challenges of COVID-19, we are committed to partnering with our clients through to recovery and can provide support and counsel on communicating throughout the crisis.

We are able to share key insights and best practice sourced from a global, cross-function team of experts advising clients on a range of COVID-19 issues – from communications strategy and crisis preparedness to employee safety and the important process of reopening workplaces.

Issues and crisis response

We can support you with all communications challenges and reacting to the issue as it impacts your business. Services include:

Real-time situation analysis

Driven by multi-language capabilities, our team can provide reports on trends, industry insight and share ongoing real-time incident alerts and news breakthroughs. Deliverables include:

Virtual community

Our Conference+ system provides a dynamic solution to the creation and delivery of your events, made for businesses that are looking for ways to replace their old physical conferences, announcements and symposiums, moving traditional events into digital modernity. Services include:

Agile technology

Our team has a wealth of experience in building chatbot solutions for everything from customer service to automated community management, to tackling disinformation and managing stakeholder outcomes. Our agile team of developers are experienced in formulating quick and pragmatic solutions for consumer, enterprise and healthcare challenges, from behavioural change to knowledge sharing and social commerce. Services include:

Healthcare expertise and advocacy

Grounded in science, our specialist healthcare experts meet every client need. Our accredited teams across Europe, including global hubs in London, Geneva and Frankfurt, comprise communications experts with diverse backgrounds, including scientists, PhDs, physicians, journalists, patient engagement experts, digital, consumer health and public health specialists. Services include:

Employee engagement and change management

United Minds, our specialist employee engagement consultancy helps leaders transform their organisations, culture and employee experience. During the COVID-19 crisis we can help you:

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