AI-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence — what consumers think and what marketers need to know

As companies confront the next wave of the information age—the era of Artificial Intelligence (Al)—Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research to conduct Al-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come!, a survey among consumers in five global markets and augmented with how well marketers are aligned with those perspectives.

AI is undoubtedly transforming business. Our research finds that nearly seven in 10 CMOs report their company is doing or planning for business in the Al era, and 55 per cent of CMOs expect Al to have a greater impact on marketing and communications than social media ever had.

Since there is so little publicly-available research on consumers’ take on AI at this point in time, Weber Shandwick wanted to arm CMOs and other communicators with early consumer insights so they have an edge on the future. We have summarized our learnings into eight revelations:

AI-Ready or Not also focuses on the AI Vanguard, those “in the know” consumers who are critical for hastening acceptance of the Al movement among the mainstream. The report concludes with a CMO’s guide to engaging in the AI era.

The full report can be viewed here. Click here to view the global infographic and here to view the UK infographic.